Grooming goes mobile

Pets pampered in specially equipped trailer

Mike Marston trims Coco in his mobile pet grooming trailer. He has started the Bizzy B’s Pet Grooming business. Enlargephoto

Sam Green/Cortez Journal

Mike Marston trims Coco in his mobile pet grooming trailer. He has started the Bizzy B’s Pet Grooming business.

Man’s best friend has long been regarded as a companion, a guardian and a family member. They are photographed as much as children and are dressed up like them as well. Owners personalize their pets with painted nails, bows, or kerchiefs tied around their necks.

People are in love with their dogs.

They want the best for them and being groomed is a big part of taking care of a dog.

What better way for your furry mate to be pampered and polished, than to bring the groomer to you?

Meet Michael Marston, owner and operator of Bizzy-B’s Mobile Grooming. He has been handling dogs personally and professionally for 15 years. Twelve of those years were spent training German Shepherds as criminal narcotics dogs for the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office.

There’s a big difference between training a police dog and making a dog look good.

“That was in a different capacity completely,” Marston said. “This is more fun and laid back.”

Marston opened his mobile grooming operation at the beginning of June. He works part-time at the Cortez Recovery Center and schedules grooming appointments around those hours.

He started grooming his own dogs — three Yorkshire Terriers and two large yellow Labradors — before he decided to put himself through grooming school. Bizzy-B’s was named for Marston’s yorkies, Bentley, Bella and Bailey, who are the adorable faces found on his trailer.

“I wasn’t happy with places I had taken them (to be groomed), so I did it myself,” Marston said. “Then, people started asking me to do their dogs.”

Colorado does not require dog groomers to be certified but Marston went to school regardless. After his completion at Wag My Tail grooming school, based out of California, he began research on how he wanted to operate his own business.

Marston figured he could reach different clientele by bringing his grooming service to them.

“It’s really convenient for people, to be able to come to their homes,” Marston said. “It’s also less stressful for the dogs because they’re at home and the owners are always welcome to watch and be involved.”

Marston has some older customers who can’t drive, or who simply would rather have the groomer come to them. He travels to various places around the county. He said he also has caregivers call for patients needing their dogs to be cared for as well.

“I like to connect with dog people,” he said. “That’s what I like about this job. I immediately connect with those who take the time to care for their pets.”

Marston has found that many storefront groomers lose that camaraderie. He doesn’t care for their use of kennel driers and fast-paced environment. He is concentrated on the one-on-one dealings with customers and their pets.

“I know people who are really picky and that’s great. It makes it much easier for me,” Marston said.

His grooming trailer is well-equipped with all the right tools as well as air conditioning and heated water. The trailer is also heated, so Marston can continue business in the wintertime.

He doesn’t use re-cleaned water, which is water that is filtered after groomers wash dogs and used again.

“I have fresh water. I don’t filter my water,” he said. “I have everything a normal groomer would have.”

Marston may be mobile, but he is open all-year round.

At the moment, he cannot take very large breeds of dogs such as Great Pyrenees or Great Danes, because he has a smaller tub in his trailer. He does hope to have a larger tub in the future.

The standard services are ear cleaning, sanitary trim and nail clipping.

“I don’t paint nails,” Marston said with a laugh. “And I don’t do dyes. I don’t know if I want to get into that.”

Marston can make appointments in the evenings and weekends, if it is more convenient for his customers. It takes about an hour for him to groom, depending on the condition of the dog’s coat.

A small breed dog will run $35, a medium breed dog will run $45 and a large breed dog will run $60 to $65, all depending on coat condition.

“I am a little more expensive than storefronts but when my customers factor in the gas for the trip, especially if they live out of town, and how quick it takes, I think they see that it is worth it,” he said.

For more information on Marston and his dog grooming abilities and services, visit or call 560-0536 to make an appointment. To see photos of groomed dogs and read customer testimonials, check out Facebook and search Bizzy-B’s Mobile Grooming to find Marston’s page.

Bentley, Bellaand Bailey are the three faces and the namesake of Bizzy B Pet Grooming. Enlargephoto

Sam Green/Cortez Journal

Bentley, Bellaand Bailey are the three faces and the namesake of Bizzy B Pet Grooming.