3B: Not yet convinced


I have not decided if I am going to vote for the new high school or not. No one has convinced me that a new high school is really needed. I think the thing that I hate hearing the worst is that current high school has 800+ students this year and they want anew school for 700 kids. Where did they learn math? This makes absolutely no sense. Do you not expect our community to grow in the future or for all of those kids that now go out of district to not return when they have a new high school to go to?

What about the elementary schools thatare in disrepair also? They do not deserve to have a safe and up-to-date school to learn in? I would think the elementary schools would be more important than a new high school, since this is when learning is most important.

And are they going to use local contractors so that the money spent will stay in our community? Cortez is always preaching to shop local and I think a lot of us do, so the school system should have to also!

And then there is the question of why there has never been a budget for upgrades and upkeep on any of these schools? I live in a schoolhouse that is close to a 100 years old and I really know that you have to budget in upgrades and repairs! I realize that a new school has to be brought into a community once in a while but do you really think that all this bling will help the students learn any better? I donít think it will help at all when the high school is rated 105th out of 123 schools. I think that there needs to be some accountability first. And the community should be outraged that this school is so far behind and start asking why.

Sandy Lard


Via email