How could we not give our students the best?


I would like to respond to the letters in opposition to passing the 3B bond to build a new high school based on the results of our school report card.

While accountability is an essential piece of our performance as a school district, it is only one piece of a very large puzzle. As a teacher for almost three decades at MCHS, Iíve witnessed incredible success demonstrated over and over in many pieces of the puzzle. Student success in sports, success in extra-curricular activities, success in overcoming tremendous hardship. Our students have been accepted to and have graduated from the most prestigious universities in the country. Our students have been repeatedly accepted into military academies. Our students have started businesses, made scientific discoveries, are professional musicians and artists.

Our students have been and will continue to be the foundation of community pride. Their success wasnít based on one test but a lifelong commitment to excellence from their parents, teachers and the community. When you really look at the big picture, how could you make the choice to not give our students the best?

Sharon Englehart