Message from the Mancos Marshal

Well, it’s been nearly six months since I was hired to be the Marshal for the great Town of Mancos. I must say the past six months have been very rewarding and challenging at the same time.

I would like to start by thanking the citizens of Mancos for accepting not only myself, but the two new deputies I’ve hired, Sean Kiley and John Cox. Between the three of us, there is nearly 70 years of law enforcement experience. We have accomplished much in the past six months but not without the help of several people that I would like to mention. First, the Board of Trustees and town management have been extremely supportive in our efforts to change the perception and goals of the marshal’s office. The vision of my office is to build a partnership with the community and surrounding agencies to solve problems together and work together to enhance the quality of life the citizens of Mancos want and deserve. Second, the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office, Cortez Police Department and State Patrol have been very instrumental in assisting us with training needs, equipment, information and just overall support of what we’re trying to accomplish. The administration of these agencies have been there for us whenever we need something, but it’s not just the administration. Each and every deputy or officer that we have had contact with have extended their hand to us to offer help in any way possible. It is these types of relationships that will make us successful in our endeavors.

With that being said, each week I will try to talk about something that is of concern to citizens or my office or maybe just put information out that we think you might be interested in.

This week, it’s dogs. We have seen an increase in calls for dogs “running at large” within the town. We are simply asking that you know where your dog is at all times and if you are in public, keep it on a leash. We do not want to transport dogs to the animal shelter in Cortez as this becomes an expense for the owner both in boarding and citations. We ask for your cooperation with this matter.

Finally, I would like to close in saying that the Mancos Marshal’s Office will strive to build a partnership with the citizens that they will be proud of. I welcome suggestions and feedback from all and wish everyone a safe week. Remember, CLICK IT! IT SAVES LIVES.

Marshal Bill Knauer

Town of Mancos

(The Marshal’s comments will be a regular part of the Mancos Times. He will not always be addressing problems; he will be talking about things that are going on with his office, both positive and negative.)