“Teachers are a gift”

Dear Editor,

Im writing this letter in response to several letters written against the Mill Levy. I am a retired school teacher with 35 years of experience, including a few years in this area. The letters urged voters to vote no on the Mill Levy, basically stating that teachers are overpaid and underworked. These statements are not truthful. I have personally found these letters to be insulting to all teachers. The generalization that teacher benefits exceed those of non-government employees is not true. Teachers are required to have 4 year college degrees, and also pass a rigorous credential process. They work countless hours before and after school, and during school breaks, evenings, and weekends.Teachers often use their own money for their classrooms, with no compensation. Colorado is one of the states which require recertification every five years. The time and money needed for continuing education coursework comes out of the teachers own pockets and their own time. Teachers many times use their summer breaks to take these courses. The motivation for teachers is not a large salary. Teachers are a gift to the community, and touch many lives. The very modest expense of the Mill Levy is an important investment.


Virginia Getts

Via e-mail