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This happy girl is all ears. A young Australian Kelpie mix, this black, white and tan sweetie is about a year old, and was found wandering stray in town. She’s a stock dog, and is high energy, alert and smart. She’s got a great disposition and is very playful; she loves to play fetch. She’s good with other dogs — especially males, as she tends to be dominant with other females. It is unknown how she is with cats. She is already housebroken, and ready to bring her joyous personality — and her big smile — to a new home. The shelter also has other dogs deserving of homes, and loving, affectionate cats, including a beautiful white older male with noble demeanor and markings that make him look like he’s wearing a toupee, and lots of cute kittens of every color. The cat room is completely full, and these pets desperately need homes. The shelter is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and on alternate Fridays; they will be open this Friday. The fee for adoption includes spaying or neutering, vaccination and microchipping. The shelter hopes to find a stainless-steel infant digital scale, if any medical offices happen to be getting rid of one. They also need donations of non-clumping cat litter, Iams or Purina kitten chow, and cleaning supplies such as unscented bleach. They would love to getsome large size rawhides for the shelter dogs to work on. For more information, call the shelter at 565-4910. To view more animals, visit or (enter 81321 zip code for each) or

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