DNA testing positively IDs body

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The skeletal remains of the male body that was found in the McElmo Canyon area in October 2011 has been positively identified through DNA testing.

Billy White, 59, went missing in May of 2011 and the body was found in the same area where he had been working.

White was last seen May 18. He was a caretaker at a property near Ute Mountain and had a history of heart problems. The sheriff’s office and area search and rescue workers were unable to locate White after several days of searching. White had been registered as a missing person.

The body was found on the same property where White was working. It was found in an old vehicle modified to drive a water pump, the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office reported on Wednesday in a news release. The vehicle was concealed by brush.

On Oct. 2, the Sheriff’s Office received the results from Colorado Bureau of Investigation regarding the DNA testing in the investigation.

At this time there has not been a ruling on a cause of death.