Commissioners’ slobbering sycophantic words


Aug. 13, 2012 — a day of infamy.

Remember that day fellow Montezuma County citizens. That is the day our county commissioners sold us down the river. Most of us expected this from the two departing commissioners. The shocking truth of disloyalty and double crossing of the citizens of Montezuma County can be found in the letter written to Connie Clementson of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management dated Aug. 13, 2012. This “publicly” unsolicited acknowledgement of coordination was signed by all three of the current commissioners and it is befuddling given the fact that their written statement is demonstrably false. It is a matter of public record now. Get a copy and read the slobbering sycophantic words of our current commissioners. They have deliberately hamstrung the two new incoming commissioners. What do they expect to gain from such disgusting and reprehensible behavior?

If you haven’t been following the process used by some of our federal agencies to steal our access rights to our public lands, take a few moments and bring yourself up to speed. Don’t be fooled by the recent hoaxes perpetrated on us by these people. Coordination as defined by law has not occurred and phony efforts to make us feel we are being properly consulted by these elites, do not pass muster. If any candidate running for commissioner in the upcoming election does not have the guts to stand with us and against those who would confiscate our rights, do not give them a second thought when you vote this November. We have a right to honest representation.

David Dove


Via email