Bears eke out homecoming win Friday

THE BEARS celebrate Friday after winning their Homecoming game against the Del Norte Tigers by one point.

At the 2012 Homecoming football game, the Dolores Bears defeated the Del Norte Tigers by only one point in the almost too-close-to-call match. The game ended with the scoreboard reading 13-12.

The entire first half of the game was kept with the Bears having seven points, while the Tigers had none. During the first half, Bears players Deano Valdez and Logan Willbanks were unable to continue the game because of injuries.

After halftime, the Tigers picked up the pace, scoring two touchdowns, while the Bears scored another touchdown. In the end, both teams remained neck-and-neck, the Bears winning by a single point earned back in the first quarter.

The purpose of a homecoming game is to win the game at home, and the Bears succeeded in doing so at the 2012 Homecoming football game.