Will you vote early in this year’s general election?

  • Blake Covington

    Taco Bell manager I vote before to avoid the rush of everyone voting at one time.

  • Ron Lacey

    Grocery store worker Early, I always vote by mail. It is a lot easier. Sometimes it is hard to get off work by the time the polls close.

  • Dustin Littrell

    Unemployed I wait for the actual day. It is just the way everyone is used to.

  • Mildred McDonald

    Retired We get our mail-in ballots. They will get to us before then. We both canít get up and stand in line.

  • Neil Saxton

    Self employed I will wait until election day so I can find out more about the candidates. I am a Democrat, and my mind is made up.

  • Richard Wilson

    Veterinarian Not early. I donít know why. It is just the way you are suppose to vote.