3B: Look up the word ‘stupid’


Now the city has zoned for the school, $15,000 has been put up as earnest money and anyone who doesnít vote for the building of this money pit is stupid ó so goes the well-known line.

You say itís mostly grant money and wonít hurt the community. Where do you think the grant money comes from? Perhaps off a tree? Why on earth are we visiting this on the ballot again? When it was proposed the first two times we said no because we couldnít afford it and now the economy is even worse. Main Street in Cortez is empty storefront after empty storefront. You say weíre stupid. Perhaps you should look that word up in the dictionary as well as insanity, where you will find insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome. You may get a different outcome but the product produced wonít be one bit better and you will be putting the community at financial risk.

Perhaps that money would be better spent on tutors as the schools donít seem to be getting the job done.

Catherine Spencer


Via email

Editorís note: According to the Colorado Department of Education Division of Public School Capital Construction Assistance, the revenue sources for the BEST Program are State Land Trust funds and Colorado Lottery spillover funds.