Register to vote

This year, as always, every ballot matters

The deadline to register to vote in this yearís general election is Tuesday, Oct. 9, but thereís no need to wait. You can register online at the Colorado Secretary of Stateís website, The process takes less than 5 minutes isnít complicated. Youíll be asked for your date of birth and driverís license number.

You can also check online at the same site to make sure that youíre still registered. If you voted in the primary or in the 2010 general election, it should be, but some Coloradans who expected a mail ballot for the June primary were surprised to find that their names had been purged. Recent safeguards against voter fraud (which was found to be rare in Colorado) make a quick check sensible, while thereís still time to get registered.

You can also register or check your registration at the county clerkís office, which is in the courthouse annex in the former First National Bank building on the north side of Main Street. Monday is Columbus Day, however, so election officials may be busier than usual on Tuesday.

Voting is always important. Local races often are decided by a small number of votes. In the Republican district attorney primary, only 19 votes separated the candidates. When something as important as a school bond is at stake, participation is especially important. And Colorado is a swing state in a very close presidential race.

If you arenít registered, do so now. If you think you are, check.

Get to know the candidates. Research the issues.

And vote. Donít waste a precious right.