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In an election, competition is always a good thing, and in Montezuma County general elections, itís a rare thing as well.

In this yearís election for Montezuma County Commission, District 3, thereís plenty of it, with three candidates: Dewayne Findley, Greg Kemp and Larry Don Suckla.

Findley has experience in the role ó so much, in fact, that a decision shortly before an election eight years ago cost him his seat. Nonetheless, he was a strong, hard-working commissioner who represented Montezuma County well.

Kemp offers a clear alternative. Well to the left in a county that leans far to the right, he has presented good ideas that deserve more consideration than theyíre likely to get.

Suckla is the wild card. Heís a well-liked local candidate who sure looks like a Republican, but he didnít go through the primary process. The ballot response to that will be interesting, especially after some GOP voters made such a fuss about party affiliation in the district attorney primary.

This is a vote that matters greatly, because thereís a lot happening in the county. The commission must decide how (and whether, although that seems to be a given) to support energy development in the region while minimizing its worst effects. Although the county does a good job managing its money, it continues to be in short supply. The commissioners will be responsible for hard choices, so choosing them well is important.

Watch for the Journalís endorsements next week.

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