Vote for Democrats


Why is our tax money going overseas when America and her starving children and those sleeping on the streets are so in need? A simple solution would be to close all of our overseas bases and stop giving other countries handouts. It is time for charity to begin at home. Control cannot be bought, even though those in corporations believe so and are at this time using a great deal of money to deny the voting of many in this country, because it is the only way they can win the White House.

Why are there 60,000 of our fighting force in Afghanistan when we are training their fighting force who are killing our fighting force? Embassies should also be closed since those people are now in danger. We have the air and naval power to protect the United States of America. Bring our people home to rebuild this extraordinary country which has given us so much.

However, we have taken too much from her and now we must put many people to work repairing our bridges, roads, rusting pipes, sinkholes and waterways. Clean air is a high priority and all poisons in our food, water and air must be eliminated. Importation of food and chemicals used on our food must be stopped. The Republicans are prohibiting President Obama from passage of bills to do the work necessary for the preservation of America.

Vote for Democrats, because if the Republicans win, we will have more of the same that got us into this mess in the first place. Be sure to vote for Democratic congressional members to fill the House and Senate in order for President Obama to pass bills to move forward.

Evelyn Stacer