Criminals should be punished justly


I was born and raised in Cortez, but am now residing in Oklahoma where I read the Journal articles on the internet. My family still resides in Cortez, so I like to “keep up with the times” of the area. I was in utter disbelief when I read the recent article about Dylan Kuhn’s sentence of 90 days in jail for the murder of his infant daughter.

I think it is a total disgrace for the justice system of Montezuma County and the surrounding area. District Attorney Russell Wasley and Judge Douglas Walker should be ashamed of themselves for the “justice” they served to this man. I understand that the majority of the crimes committed end in plea bargains, but why offer a plea that does not fit the crime committed? Why suggest a sentence that does not fit the punishment of the crime, or the plea for that matter? What is the world of “Montezuma County” coming to?

Another similar situation that should be brought to the attention of the national media that are following the Kuhn case, is the case involving Mark Dunn. District Attorney Wasley failed to press charges against Dunn after he reportedly stabbed a man in August, but he is now facing numerous charges after reportedly going on a violent shooting spree less than two months later. One of my dearest friends lives right across the street from where Dunn allegedly shot off multiple rounds inside a house. She shouldn’t have to worry about a stray bullet coming through her walls and killing her or her husband. If this man had been in jail for stabbing someone, would he have had the chance to go on a rampage?

I urge the residents of Cortez and Montezuma County to not stand for this disgrace in your community! When election day comes, vote for officials who will keep the interests of the community in mind, not for the sake of criminals who should be punished justly.

Sarah Coker

Owasso, Okla.