Re-1: Sports facilities in need of upgrade

Sam Green/Cortez Journal

A new football stadium and other sports facilities would be included in the bond issue if it passes in the November election.

By Journal staff writer

Although passage of the 3B bond question would result in a new football and track and field stadium along with baseball and softball fields, that may not be the biggest upgrade to the Montezuma-Cortez High School sports facilities.

The high school football and baseball teams currently play at the middle school.

Jimmie Lankford is entering his second year as M-CHS athletic director.

He notes that toilet facilties for visiting teams are scant. A 35- or 40-member football team has only one toilet in their middle school locker room. An additional two toilets might be available in the boys’ restroom nearby, but the visiting team has to compete with the general public for their use.

Visiting teams have the option of traveling to the current high school after games to shower, but oftentimes they don’t bother, Lankford said.

Another significant upgrade that would be brought about with passage of the bond is the stadium lighting. The lighting at the middle school stadium leaves a lot to be desired, Lankford said, noting there are dark spots on the field. In addition, the lights are very expensive to operate.

Passing the bond would bring other big changes too.

A new football stadium would likely have sport turf, a rubber base that resembles grass. There are several sport turf styles from which to choose, Lankford said. Becky Brunk, a representative of the Cortez 21st Century High School Committee, said a decision on sport turf has not been made yet, noting it would likely need to be replaced every 10 years.

There also would be bigger stands for the visiting team.

In general, Lankford would like to have sports facilities “that really reflect on the town and our commitment to the schools and our activities.”

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