Most of the leaves on the ground in Rico

I looked out the window this morning (10th) and thought to myself “no wonder Rico citizen’s are such “happy campers”. Waking up to a clear sky of blue with that special quietness around Town is good for the soul. We have been up here so long that when visiting the big city, everything is so noisy — even the refrigeration in some stores!

First rifle season for big game begins this coming weekend and those hunters would welcome a couple of inches of snow Friday night! The beauty of the forest is fading and most of the leaves are on the ground and that makes for some difficulty while trying to be as quiet as possible. The national weather service is predicting snow for Colorado, but it may be north of our forest from the looks of it. One has to be pretty hearty to tolerate the cold and continue to hunt all season, if that is what it takes. The strong possibility that if you get your game, you will have a freezer full of good meat to weather the winter, keeps you on the trail and we all know that five or six days isn’t much time to bring in your harvest!

According to Town Clerk Linda Yellowman, those citizen’s in Rico who took out petitions to run for the Rico Town Board are Joe Corey, David Kunz, James Kahn, Susan Robertson and Gary Reid. Gregg Anderson is petitioning for the office of Town Mayor.

Bobbie and Patrick Hinton are in Town and he is revisiting those good old fishing holes that he remembers from when he was just a youth and his family would plan to spend their vacation in Rico visiting grandma and grandpa (Ginger and “Doc” Hinton). They picked a perfect time of year to view the magnificent colors we have experienced this fall. I am not too sure how good his fishing holes turned out be and I didn’t ask!

Kim and Mick McLain of Rico and Prescott spent this past week at home here in Rico. “They” say that what is good for the mind is good for the body and Mick loves it up here in their adopted mountains!

Our delinquent neighbors across the street finally showed up recently. Beth Baker and two of her sons, Dennis and Mark, basically all from Chugwater, Wyoming had a great time doing repairs, repairs, etc., and etc. I love the name Chugwater it has a good Wyoming flavored twang to it. Their country offers ranching and farming for the strong at heart!

Our neighbors’ dogs began barking around 2 a.m. the other night and we think that a bear must have been passing through town.