Rico discusses dog ordinance, plague of Toad Flax

The Rico Fire Protection District will hold their regular meeting on Oct. 15, at 7 p.m. at the Rico Courthouse.

The Rico Town Board will hold their meeting on Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. at the Rico Courthouse. On the agenda under Old Business is Speed Control and a work Session regarding the 2013 Work Plan. Under New Business is the Consideration of 1st Reading for Ordinance No. 2012-1, Dog Ordinance. The Consideration of 1st Reading for Ordinance No. 2012-2, Adopting the Year 2013 Town Budget, Appropriating Sums of Money and Setting and Certifying Town Mill Levies. The Consideration of 1st Reading for Ordinance No. 2012-3, Amending the 2011 Budget to Reflect Additional Revenues and Expenditures.

At the regular Rico Town Board meeting held on Sept. 19, under Board of Trustee report Joe Corey talked about the pump track and that it could be done down by the town shop.

Both Harry Brown and Dick Lanning commented that the town should do a grant to remodel the town shop for it is a historical building.

Mayor David Kunz asked the Town Manager to send a thank you letter to the County Commissioners.

Under old business regarding Traffic Control, Dick Lanning gave an update on the speed control device. A question was raised who would be responsible for the cost of electricity. Mr. Lanning stated he hasnít heard back from the electrician regarding costs. Mr. Lanning is supposedly working with the Dolores County Sheriff Department.

Work Session: Dog Ordinance. Town Attorney Susan Baker presented and reviewed the revised dog/animal ordinance with Board and Public. Ms. Baker stated she recreated the ordinance to be more streamlined that the previous draft. The revised ordinance will be sent to the Town Marshal and Town Prosecutor for their comments. The first reading of this ordinance will be done at the next Town Board meeting in October.

Under new business, approval of Proposed Letter and Access Agreement for Vacant Lots Sampling was presented for approval. The Town Board agreed to continue the Small Vacant Lot Soil Sampling and Analysis Plan to the next meeting in October for further discussion.

Regarding Toad Flax in Rico: Gregg Anderson stated he received an email from Kimberly McClain in regards to the toad flax which continues to plague the town and surrounding hill sides. After a brief discussion, comment was no budget for this item. Town Attorney Susan Baker will do some research and the Town Manager will contact the County also. Ms. Baker suggested inviting somebody for public education.

The 2012 Work Plan was presented and briefly discussed.nSuggestion was made to have the Town Board and maybe the Planning Commission review the plan and discuss it at the next October meeting with some comments.

Dick Lanning stated he would like to do the ice rink again and asked for the Town Boards support. A few minor problems were brought up from last year. The Town Board was in favor of the ice rink in the park again.

Town Clerk Linda Yellowman presented the 2013 Property/Casualty and Workers Compensation for the Town Board to approve. The Town Board was in favor of accepting the 2013 Property/Casualty and Workers Compensation as submitted.