County commission

A rare 3-way choice

In an election, competition is always a good thing, and in Montezuma County general elections, it’s a rare thing as well.

In this year’s election for Montezuma County Commission, District 3, there’s plenty of it, with three candidates: Dewayne Findley, Greg Kemp and Larry Don Suckla.

Findley has experience in the role — so much, in fact, that a decision shortly before an election eight years ago cost him his seat. Nonetheless, he was a strong, hard-working commissioner who represented Montezuma County well.

Kemp offers a clear alternative. Well to the left in a county that leans far to the right, he has presented good ideas that deserve more consideration than they’re likely to get.

Suckla is the wild card. He’s a well-liked local candidate who sure looks like a Republican, but he didn’t go through the primary process. The ballot response to that will be interesting, especially after some GOP voters made such a fuss about party affiliation in the district attorney primary.

This is a vote that matters greatly, because there’s a lot happening in the county. The commission must decide how (and whether, although that seems to be a given) to support energy development in the region while minimizing its worst effects. Although the county does a good job managing its money, it continues to be in short supply. The commissioners will be responsible for hard choices, so choosing them well is important.

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