School bus driver keeps kids on bus because of a bear

A Dolores School bus driver recently watched a bear roam around a neighborhood on Road P. The driver and the students on the bus were delighted until it came time to get off the bus. Transportation Director Jim Davis said that the driver watched as the bear disappeared behind a barn at a stop.

She refused to open the doors of the bus and got on the phone.

She called the studentsí parents and they drove to meet the bus and picked up their kids. Everyone was safe and the bear continued to mind its own business.

Who said living in rural Montezuma County wasnít exciting?


Speaking of bus drivers, the Dolores School District is still desperate for school bus drivers. At least one field trip was cancelled this week. Dolores Elementary School first-graders were told they couldnít go to Jones Farm this week, to pick pumpkins and learn about animals, because there simply wasnít enough bus drivers to take them on their trip. Transportation Director Jim Davis is trying to entice as many bus drivers as he can over to Dolores, including paying for some training. If you think you can drive a bus, give him a call at 882-2649.


The first freeze in Montezuma County is always exciting and it happened this week. Large side roll sprinklers left on overnight were beautiful this week and covered in ice circles, a winter wonderland in the fall for a short time in the morning. Other than that, the weather has been beautiful this week, dry, but beautiful.


Folks with the Pony Expresso were busy remodeling and refurbishing the old Summit Vista Realty office on Railroad Ave. this week. Owners hope to open the coffee shop/bakery/gallery just before Halloween. The store will feature a drive through.


On Saturday, donít forget to support the Womenís Cancer Coalition and stop by Terriís Hair and Nails. For a donation, you can add pink polish to your nails or pink to your hair, all in the name of the Womenís Cancer Coalition and Breast Cancer Awareness week.



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