Re-1 students, staff learning about energy efficiency

PowerEd is helping the Montezuma-Cortez School District Re-1 promote energy efficiency and eliminate waste to help save the district money.

McKinstry, an energy and facility services company, administers the powerED program, which uses a collaborative approach that includes people, process and performance.

According to a U.S. Department of Energy report, money spent on fueling a school exceeds the money spent on salaries, supplies and books.

The people component educates building occupants about the imporance of energy efficiency and environmental impacts. The process component identifies and implements low- and no-cost operational and maintenance strategies to reduce energy use. The performance component tracks, measures, analyzes and quantifies energy savings and carbon reductions to pinpoint opportunities, communicate performance and promote success.

“I really love this program because it both saves money that can go right back to students and teachers in the classroom,” said Re-1 Superintendent Alex Carter. It also “teaches our students about responsible stewardship of our schools and of our planet.”

As part of the program’s launch in April, the Energy Hog mascot came to all elementary schools and the pre-school.

For the 2012-2013 school year, schools will be focusing on in-depth energy management, with students learning about plug loads, electricity consumption, building operations and phantom electricity loads. Each school in the Montezuma-Cortez School District will be tracking their total energy savings and student participation on powerED’s hyperlink.