Police Blotter


cortez colorado An officer was flagged down by a woman on a residential street and informed that her ex-husband had been texting her all day and was harassing her. He had texted her 29 times throughout that day. Dispatch confirmed there was a protection order prohibiting the male subject from contacting the ex-wife. The officer told the woman to forward all of the text messages to his work email while he attempted to locate the suspect. The officer contacted the woman a few days later to ask her if she had sent him the text messages, and she told him that she had deleted all of them. She was asked if she could remember what they said, and stated that she could not but that they pretty much repeated themselves and said something along the lines of her being a piece of (expletive) and how she was going to teach her son how to be a hooker and a druggie. She stated that he had also threatened to beat up her new boyfriend. Due to the woman’s lack of evidence, the case was listed as closed.


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to a street in reference to a disturbance. There was a report of a male and female yelling in the street and they had both left on foot going in different directions. The officer was not able to locate the two people in the area but received a call from dispatch that the female had called, letting authorities know of her location and had said she was just assaulted. The officer responded to the new location and spoke briefly with the female. She told the officer that her boyfriend had struck her in the forehead with his fist and left the area heading west. She gave a description of him, and stated that they were in a relationship for four months. A short time later, the male was picked up by the high school and transported back to speak with the officer. The male was intoxicated and would not give the officer any information as to what happened. He was taken into custody and charged with 3rd degree assault, domestic violence and obstructing telephone service. The female’s injuries were photographed for evidence. The male, who directed several racial and derogatory statements to the officer and jail staff, was left in custody.

cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to a residence for a disturbance, and was advised that the male subject had three active warrants and was kicking the door of the residence of a female who was the protected party in a protection order against him. Dispatch advised that the subject had left the scene in a car. The officer spoke with the female at the residence who told him that the suspect had come to the residence and wanted her to open the door. She stated that she saw him out the window and that he appeared to be intoxicated; she refused to let him in. The suspect began kicking the door so hard that he broke it and the bottom hinge came off the frame. The officer noticed a small infant in the residence, and the female confirmed the child had been present during the incident, and was the child of the suspect. The male could not be located, and the female was advised to call if he came back. Approximately an hour and a half later, dispatch advised that the suspect had returned to the scene. He was located inside another female’s apartment, and officers were allowed to come inside to contact the suspect. He was immediately arrested and issued new charges for criminal mischief, domestic violence and protection order violation.


cortez colorado An officer was on a noise complaint call when the person reporting the noise pointed out a pickup truck traveling south. The reporting party said that the vehicle is in the area all times of the day and night. The officer caught up with the pickup and followed it south. He recognized the pickup from a contact earlier in the day where the owner/driver was issued a citation for driving under suspension. The vehicle suddenly pulled to the side of the road for no reason, and the officer pulled up next to the pickup and spoke to the same male he had cited earlier, who was driving it again. The driver was told that he needed to park the truck, because he had already been issued a citation once that day. The male subject asked if the young woman in the passenger seat could drive. The officer recognized the young woman who identified herself giving a false name. Knowing of an active arrest warrant for the woman, the officer asked her to exit the truck. She was advised of the warrant and placed under arrest, and was left incarcerated at the jail. She had her small child with her at the time, and at her request, the child and all her belongings were left with the male subject. The woman refused to give her current address or a phone number she could be contacted at.


cortez colorado An officer responded to Walmart for a call of shoplifting, and spoke with an assistant manager there. Employees of the store had found an empty air rifle box in the Sporting Goods section at approximately 4 p.m. An employee returning from a break had found empty packaging and box from a Silent Cat .177 caliber Break Barrel Air Rifle lying in the aisle walkway. The air rifle was valued at $148.

cortez colorado An officer patrolling westbound on Main Street around 6 p.m. observed an adult male urinating on the wall at Dolores State Bank. The man was in full view of the public on Main Street, which had heavy traffic going in both directions. He was also within a few feet of a woman pulling out of the bank parking lot and in full view of a woman passing by on a bicycle. The officer contacted the male, who was very intoxicated. When asked by the officer what he was doing, the male subject replied that he was just chilling. He was advised that he could not be urinating in public, and he was placed under arrest and charged with disturbing the peace.