22nd Judicial District is well served by Plewe

In the 22nd Judicial District, Todd Jay Plewe is the only district judge up for a retention vote this year. He deserves a positive vote.

Appointed to the District Court bench in 2010, Plewe has been a thoughtful and thorough judge who is active in promoting justice throughout the community. Of the attorneys expressing an opinion on his retention, 92 percent recommended he be retained. Among non-attorneys, some of whom may have been brought before Judge Plewe, 82 percent of those who expressed an opinion on retention recommended he be retained. The districtís Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously recommended retention.

Also recommended for retention are Dolores County Judge E. Dale Boyd, Colorado Supreme Court Justice Nathan B. Coats, and Colorado Court of Appeals judges Laure A. Booras, James S. Casebolt, Dennis A. Graham, Gale T. Miller, Daniel Marc Taubman and John R. Webb.