Don’t buy into Romney’s snake oil remedies


Mr. Etch A Sketch was the loud one in the presidential debate.

Over and over on the campaign trail, Romney said to his base supporters that he would get rid of Obamacare on his first day in office. And of course they cheered. But now that he is speaking to the entire nation, he promises that he would keep the things that people like in Obamacare. He wants to keep the guarantee that people with previous conditions can get insurance. But he would not keep the requirement that everyone has to be insured.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Everyone gets whatever they want. But the fact is that insurance companies cannot offer affordable insurance to people with previous conditions unless everyone is included in the insurance pool. These are the hard facts that Obama has worked through. Even Romney worked through these same problems when he was the governor of Massachusetts, and Romney’s health care law forces everyone in Massachusetts to carry health insurance.

Romney was true to his reputation — Romney is the greatest flip-flopper in our time. He just says whatever will please the audience he is in front of. I’ll admit he states it forcefully and it is what people want to hear. But, in reality, his underlying plan is always that the rich must get richer and the rest of you poor slobs (the 47 percent) are on your own. Don’t look to the government to protect you. Wake up people — don’t buy into Romney’s snake oil remedies for government.

Laird Carlson


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