3B: It’s time for our generation to step up


Thank you for the opportunity to advocate for the passage of 3B, the school bond issue that brings $22,700,000 into our community. Never in the history of Cortez have we had the chance to make such an important decision for the future of our community’s children.

First, the passage of this bond issue will insure the health of our children in a positive learning environment, removing the environmental hazards of asbestos and a failing structure. Better to have the students breathing clean fresh air in a climate-controlled building than trying to survive in a concrete block bunker we have now.

Second, the building would be built to take advantage of the latest in teaching technologies, instead of whatever was current 50 years ago. Times change, technologies change, and it is time for Cortez to change, too.

Third, the entire project to bring the community high school up to date in the 21st century comes at half price. I love a bargain, and the cost to each of us is incredibly small compared to the improvements afforded our children.

Fourth, it is true that our other schools also need attention. They were all built within 20 years of each other, and will soon need replacement. I’d rather replace the high school now at half price, than wait a few years to pay full price when we’ll have to also be replacing some elementary schools.

I was privileged to attend high school in the current facility in the late 60s, just after it was built. It served the needs of the community then, when we were a smaller town. Cortez has grown and the world has changed. It is time for us, the adults of this community, to step up and take responsibility for making a good decision about our future.

Vote ”yes” on 3B. It is your one chance to make a positive impact on your community, at a bargain price. Don’t be swayed by the negative whiners who carp about everything. The world is full of places I wish they would move to. Vote “yes.”

Jim Reser


Via CortezJournal.com