58th House District

Expect Coram to be Southwest Colorado’s new representative

After this election, all of Montezuma County will find itself redistricted into the 58th House District, currently represented by first-term state Rep. Don Coram, R-Montrose.

Coram faces challenger Tammy Theis, who was selected by the Democratic Party’s vacancy committee for the district after Greg Thornton left the race in mid-summer. Shortly after her candidacy was announced, Theis was arrested after leaving a Montrose store with items she had neglected to purchase. Theis explained that she had forgotten to pay but entered a no-contest plea in municipal court.

So, expect Coram to represent the reconfigured 58th.

Coram, who has worked as a rancher and a miner, has represented the conservative portion of his district well. He holds tightly to his conservative principles, going so far as to prevent last spring’s civil union bill from coming before the full House despite the urging of a gay son.

Although he has spent relatively little time in Montezuma County (which has been a relatively small part of his constituency), and although the southern reaches of his new district have some characteristics distinct from those of the northern part, there is little reason to believe he won’t provide the same sort of representation in his next term.

Since he probably doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, locals should take the lead in educating him. Non-Republican constituents who are a definite minority, still number quite a few. They especially should reach out to make their concerns known, especially on the many state political topics that should, by rights, not be partisan issues.