Invest in our future

On November 6, Dolores-area voters will have a few important decisions to make, perhaps the easiest one is a “yes” vote on 3C.

Think of it as an investment in the Dolores economy and the future of our local children.

Just last year, the Colorado Department of Education recognized the Dolores School District as one of the best schools in the state when the district was accredited with distinction, an honor only given to the top 10 percent of schools statewide.

This is an incredible achievement and was only obtained through lots of hard work. Hard work on the students’ behalf, hard work on the teachers’ behalf, hard work on the administrators’ behalf and of course hard work on the parents’ behalf.

This $3.47 million bond will cost the average homeowner in the Dolores School District attendance boundaries about $3 to $6 a month and because the district was awarded the BEST grant, an addition $2.62 million will be awarded to the district.

This money will help make many repairs and upgrades to the district, perhaps the biggest will be the addition of new science/lab classrooms and vocational education classrooms. The current ones are in a building that isn’t safe. The building is falling apart. There are cracks in the walls, the walls are shifting and the roof is failing.

Does it seem fair to send our children, future scientists, students that earn full-ride scholarships to the Colorado School of Mines, into a building that’s roof leaks so badly, it is common practice to place buckets out and dry soggy textbooks?

Not only will 3C help our future doctors learn their basics, but the boon to Dolores will be impressive.

In this down economy, construction work is scarce, so bidding on district projects should be aggressive. This project will create or sustain a lot of jobs directly, and indirectly as money spent on wages and materials will circulate in Dolores at local businesses.

In the long-term, the payoff is a school system with better facilities that better matches the caliber of education being offered at the Dolores School District.

The Dolores Star