Findley will make the best choices for Montezuma County

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my support for Dewayne Findley for county commissioner. I have known Dewayne for over thirty five years, and he has always been a person who is the epitome of integrity. Dewayne has had experience in the job of county commissioner before, he has been an active member of our community for many years, he comes to the table with no agenda, and, most importantly, he will be thoughtful and inquiring. Being a county commissioner is not easy, for there are several sides to most issues. There is rarely a case of black and white. What stands out to me is that Dewayne will study the facts, listen to others, and only then will he make his decision. Please join with me in voting for Dewayne Findley, and be assured that he will make the best choices for Montezuma County’s future.

Sheryl Merritt