Pleasant weather has blessed Rico

The weather has been so pleasant that I think that the hunters may have been doing the layered look to keep from sweltering on those uphill, up-mountain excursions all day long this week. But, upon arising and climbing into their vehicles it is around 20 degrees and hands can get so cold that it is hard to make the fingers cooperate when you find your game and need a perfect shot.

How would I know! That is what the ones in the know tell me, that’s how.

Our Fire Department responded to not one, but two forest fire situations on the 17th. They served as back-up when Telluride responded first and took necessary steps to make the area safe somewhere up on Lizard Head and back in the woods! Then, same day we responded to a call-out of smoke in the area before you reach Groundhog reservoir which, they are thinking, that resulted from a smoldering lightning strike days before, according to Rico fire team member Dennis Swank. Do you ever wonder how volunteer fire men and women manage to handle their own work jobs and stay with a fire no matter how long it takes and they get back to the fire house after midnight, put the fire trucks and equipment back in the fire house ready for another call-out? Then, at an early hour, get the kids up and dressed, feed them, get them to school and head for their work place (wherever that might be)!

I wanted to mention that our “Herks” restaurant across from the Post Office has been a saving grace for us up here in Rico! Good food and available hours. Anderson Company out of Salt Lake has been working on the problem of seepage from the mines above for several years and finally have set up a full office staff on the first floor of the Masonic Lodge. “Herks” is a life saver for them. Also, the Enterprise has great hamburgers and pizza up the street later in the day and, of course, Mountaintop Fuel and Market completes our requirements with hot dogs and etc.

The Hotel closed last week because of the “slow season”, which is an annual occurrence both here and in Telluride and other resorts after the summer season. The Hotel and Argentine Grill will reopen Thanksgiving weekend with the usual Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening hours from 5 to 9 p.m. with their $15 entrees from 5 to 6 p.m.