Students should stop engaging in ‘stupid, frivolous’ behavior

Dear Editor:

I am an alumni of Dolores High School and it seems to me, and other alumni that I have spoken to that Dolores Schools are going downhill. There is a lack of accountability that is uncharacteristic of DHS. Being a Dolores Bear used to mean something and I would like to say that am proud of where I came from, but the class of student, citizen and person that are now being produced by a once great organization saddens and embarrasses me. The responsibility for this error lies on the shoulders of parents and students. It is easy to blame the school; however, that would be unjust. The fact that I know most of the teachers, staff and coaches gives me the knowledge I need to say that the students of Dolores have everything they need to succeed, and they are making the choice not to exercise their resources. The recent events regarding the football team illustrates the exact lack of discipline, pride, and honor that I am speaking of. The Dolores Bears has never been a football team that lies down and gives up, on the field or in the classroom. Having played for Coach Weir I know this is not for a lack of effort on his behalf. “You can lead a horse to water…” Dolores Schools are imploding due to the general lack of moral fiber and character that has made them so great in the past. To the students, in a maximum of four years you will be members of society and I would like to encourage you to start acting like the adults you nearly are. Stop ignoring the people that are trying to help you, and stop engaging in selfish, frivolous and generally stupid behaviors. To the parents of Dolores students, please, I beg you to start holding your children accountable. Letting your children break the law and throw away what could be bright futures is unacceptable. The community is paying for your children to go to school and your children are wasting the tax money that is becoming so valuable and rare in our depleted economy. With the staff that Dolores Schools have provided for students there is no excuse not to pass classes. Please Dolores, let us all be proud of where we came from fix this problem. Stop ignoring the behaviors our minors are engaging in that are distracting them from developing into respectable citizens of the United States.

Very Respectfully,

Simon Condon

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