Getting away with murder in Benghazi

I suspect only a few Montezumans had even heard of Benghazi, Libya, before the Islamic Jihadist terrorists murdered four Americans and sodomized our ambassador. But now that it has become a household word, let’s examine the facts and hopefully everyone will be as outraged and sickened as me.

Here are some of the facts that are coming to light:

1) The attack was not promulgated by Libyan citizens who somehow viewed the “outrageous” video trailer on their iPads. If it was the video they took a long time to stoke their anger into a mob action. The video has been out for five months.

2) The “spontaneous” mob arrived with mortars, mortar rounds, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and grenades along with semi-automatic rifles with enough ammunition to continue the attack for seven hours. Apparently “spontaneous” mobs in Libya come well armed. At least that’s what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would have us believe.

3) Our glorious leader lied to us for seven days about the attack. The well coordinated and well-armed “protesting mob” was known to be an Al Qaeda jihadi group within minutes of the attack. Contrary to what we have been told, there were action emails sent to Washington before and during the massacre. The ambassador had sent one just hours before he was murdered, expressing unease about the situation in Benghazi.

4) Libya became Al Qaeda jihad headquarters after Moamar Kaddafi was ousted. There had been attacks on other embassies and the British embassy had been closed down. Libya was known to be a dangerous place to be and yet there was no protection for our ambassador. The “protection” force was local Libyans hired and paid by the U.S.A. They were untrained and not screened for loyalty to America. They disappeared once the attack began. The so-called safe house had been compromised and I would be willing to bet it was the “protection” force that gave it up.

5) The lies came thick and fast as the Obama administration tried to cover their behinds. No intel, they cried; situation was so fluid they couldn’t tell what was going on; we even heard at one point that they couldn’t get permission to fly in troops to help! BS! We have learned that a drone was overhead with infrared capability; they had cameras in the embassy that recorded most of the fighting. There were the two CIA guys on the ground in contact with the White House situation room! One had a laser sensor that was pinpointing the mortar’s position. The drone could have relayed that info back to the jets overhead and destroyed that asset immediately. They didn’t do it!

6) It has been the United States Marines’ duty to guard our embassies worldwide. They have done this for over 200 years. They were not in place in one of the most dangerous (for Americans) countries. Why not?

The explanation given was the cost of stationing Marines at Benghazi. While making that decision the State Department allocated $70 million dollars for charging stations for electric cars in France!

7) The battle lasted for seven hours and we had Delta Force units less than two hours away. Why weren’t they mobilized? We had jet fighters in Italy that could have scrambled and been over Benghazi within an hour. Why weren’t they used? As a former Marine I was indoctrinated with the idea that we never abandon our buddies. That the USA will always protect their own. Have we lost that sense of honor as a nation?

As I analyzed Obama’s utterances and found them to be false and later found out that he knew they were false, the question became why? There are only two possible answers to a question of this magnitude. One, he is totally incompetent and insensitive to the cries for help. By the way, those two Navy SEALs requested back-up three times! They were denied and they died trying to protect our embassy staff. If they had lived, they would be court-martialed because they disobeyed direct orders not to help!

Those SEALs knew, and our White House knew, they would die and we just stood by and let it happen. Why?

The second answer is too frightening to contemplate.

God save America.

Larry Tradlener lives down McElmo Canyon.

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