Many are saying that this year is close to what happened in 2002, just 10 years ago. The amount of water that is received in this area is wholly dependent on the weather, said Mancos Water Conservancy District superintendent Gay Kennedy. Kennedy said this year’s dry conditions are due to the mild winter last year and little amount of moisture this last spring. This has caused the rivers, lakes and reservoirs in the area to be at a low level, the likes of which have not been seen for a while.

Jackson Gulch reservoir hasn’t been this low since 1996 said Kennedy.

Mancos Times

Mancos, Colorado

The Students Taking action against Underage Drinking (STUD) approached the Dove Creek Town Council about the Pick ‘n Hoe celebration in Dove Creek. With all the alcohol consumption involved, STUD is considering a taxi service and possibly the development of a beer garden to better contain alcohol consumption to a specific area. There are 34 members of STUD this year, over 40 percent of the student body at Dove Creek High School and the group has made good progress in reducing alcohol consumption by students.

Dove Creek Press

Dove Creek, Colorado

Teachers and staff at the Ouray School are hard at work preparing for implementation of a new standards-based report card for elementary students. According to Ouray’s superintendent/principal, Scott Pankow, parents can expect to see the new format alongside current report cards during the second quarter.

Ouray County Plaindealer

Ouray, Colorado

Three separate companies shave received a Conditional Use Permit for wind farms in the Monticello area. Two are in the TARB area northeast of town and the third is near city limits northwest of Monticello.

It may be a race against the clock as a federal program that provides tax credits for wind energy projects is set to expire on December 31, 2012.

San Juan Record

San Juan County, Utah