3C equals strong schools, strong community

Dear Editor:

Excellent schools are good for local business. We all know this is true, and we know that students who attend Dolores Schools are among the top 10 percent in the state. A “Yes” vote on 3C will help keep them on the road to excellence.

As all business owners know, growth, be it from new families moving in or established families remaining, leads to a strong business environment. Whether a resident is new to the community or if they have family roots that go back generations, the quality of our schools (more often than not) is one of the primary factors in deciding to make a home in Dolores. One of the first questions new residents ask is, “How are the schools?” Therefore, in order to continue along the positive path that Dolores has created, reconstruction of some of our existing school infrastructure is of utmost importance. 3C will accomplish just that and for almost half the cost! The other half of the project comes directly from the BEST grant.

The annual incremental tax burden that will be imposed by passage of 3C has been kept to an absolute minimum. It will NOT pay for new school district fleet or faculty/staff salary increases; and it expires after several years – it is NOT permanent!

Let’s keep Dolores Schools outstanding. Please vote “yes” on 3C.

Penny Wu