Dolores Library supports 3C

Dear Editor:

The Dolores Public Library District board fully supports the Strong Schools, Strong Community Bond 3C of $3.47 million for the upcoming election on November 6. Passing this bond will be a wise investment for the future of the children and the community. The Library Board believes that children are our future and that strong schools and a strong library connects the entire community. The school district was awarded a BEST grant that pays for approximately $2.62 million or 43% of school building projects that will cost a total of $6.09 million. This project funds new classrooms, including those for the science and vocational programs, connects the elementary school to the commons area, updates locker rooms, and installs an additional fire sprinkler system. Dolores students have consistently performed in the top 10% of the State. However, the buildings would be rated in the bottom 10% for safety and health issues. The Library Board supports this endeavor to continue to invest in our children and in supporting our community. Please consider voting Yes for Bond Question 3C. Thank you.

The Dolores Public Library Board