Give educators and students the right tools for the job

Dear Editor:

I remember my grandfather asking me to take apart a wooden box. I was 5 years old, and it was busywork for a small boy with too much energy and perhaps too many questions. I worked at the screws on that box with a flat head screwdriver, pliers and lock jaws for nearly an hour before my grandfather handed me a Phillips head screwdriver and showed me how to use it. I donít know if he waited all that time, observing my exasperation and persistence in spite of it, purely for entertainment value, but the overall lesson was not lost on me. Lifeís tasks and challenges may be easily matched with the right attitude and the right tools. Our communities greatest assets are our youth. Our vitality as a community depends on their growth, their success and their vision. Letís make sure our educators, students and community have the right tools for the job! Vote yes to support the BEST Grant and give our schools our best support.

Mark Youngquist