Who are you going to vote for and why?

  • Jennypher Sanchez

    unemployed house painter Undecided. Obama will be more lenient on legalization of marijuana, which I like, but Iím leaning toward Romney because Iím a Republican. I donít agree with his stance on Medicare and Social Security however. I voted for McCain last time.

  • Alexia Hudson

    early childhood education administration Undecided. I really like everything about Romney except for his stance on illegal immigration.Ē

  • Betty Goodall

    legal dept. office manager at Ute Mountain Ute Reservation Obama. Republicans have done nothing. Theyíre all for the rich.

  • Sally Garrison

    owner of a bed and breakfast Obama. He stands for everything I believe in.

  • Debbie Lovett

    retired school teacher Romney. I believe in the direction he wants to lead the country.

  • Gay Balfour

    welder, prairie dog control expert Romney. I think we need to get out of debt and get everybody working who can work. Folks who can work need to be working. We canít afford to carry them.