Common sense and compassion for McHenry


I want to take this opportunity to write a letter of support for my friend, John McHenry. Most of you have read the story published last week titled ďTeacher facing assault charge.Ē

What a catchy title that doesnít fully explain who this individual truly is: a loving husband, a family man, a coach, a Christian, a friend, a rancher, and yes, a teacher. While I donít discount the seriousness of charges filed against John, we canít we help but empathize with someone whose home, animals and property were in jeopardy of burning down right in front of his eyes.

Couldnít the officer who was present use some common sense and compassion to help, rather than hinder? Ten years or so ago the home that had previously been on that property had burned to the ground. Donít you think a nerve had been struck when a fire again threatened his new home as he tried to rush in to help?

Write a letter or call the local sheriffís office to voice your support of John McHenry.

Alfred Baer