2012 election was the last chance for America


My gut has told me all along this was the last chance for America, and I doubt we will make four more years without a correction that over 50 percent of the people are unwilling to go through. With no leadership in Washington, we are done, never to be a sovereign nation again. Without addressing our debt problem, we will all go down together. My Bible tells me that the borrower is servant to the lender, and with trying to live a lifestyle that we cannot afford and handing out borrowed money all over the world to people who want to change us and hate us, we have become slaves. Most of the people like it that way because government is the only god they know. They voted for a president that they knew nothing about the first time and had four years to look into his background and his fatal agenda backed by the Chicago way and went right ahead and voted for him again.

We have allowed our God that is Jesus to become banned from public life and wonder how we keep heading for the abyss. We have allowed our babies to be aborted and then open our borders to every abomination known to man. Our young men and women fight and die every day in Muslim hellholes that our brain-dead leaders donít have enough sense to bomb our way out of and bring the troops home and put them on the border. According to my Bible, those people are and will always be wild men, every man against his brother, and if left alone, they will go back to killing one another.

I will cling to my Bible and God and a gun if I have to and pray for Godís intervention to save us from ourselves. I also pray for my likeminded brothers and sisters who truly care what the next generation will inherit. We need unity and a willingness to play by Godís rules and keep up the good fight.

Larry Schultz

Dove Creek

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