Community rallied their support—thanks!

To the editor:

The Mill Levy Committee Co-chairs would like to thank everyone for their support in passing the Mancos School District mill levy. The community really came forward in these economically difficult times to make a statement about the importance of our kids, their education and what the school means to our community. We would like to make particular mention of the following: the mill levy committee who turned out repeatedly at the school to put together the campaign; Dian Law for our graphic designs; the donors who supplied the money for the campaign; KSJD; Kolton Miller for the inspiring video of the kids; The Mancos Education Assoc.; the Beehive for their spectacular window display; all the folks old & young who spent their Saturday morning going door-to-door to make sure folks had reliable information before casting their vote; and finally to those who took pen to paper to make a public statement of support the Mancos Times, Tim Hunter, Jen Paschal, Tony Littlejohn, Ginny Getts, Jean Bader and Lauren Kramer. This was an inspiring example of what we can accomplish when we come together for our community.

Our Kids, Our Schools, Our Responsibility !

Thanks to all,

The Mancos School District

Mill Levy Committee Co-chairs