Generous donations revamp sandbox at elementary school

DOLORES Elementary students play in a revamped sand box thanks to the PTA and a local business.

The PTA sponsored a sandbox project at the Dolores Elementary School and when members went to pay the contractor (Casey McClellan/McStone Aggregates), for his work, he refused payment stating that all labor, equipment, and materials would be donated!

Danielís Concrete and Alpine Mobile Creek assisted McStone Aggregates and together all three businesses achieved the reconstruction project in one weekend.

They poured concrete along the north wall of the elementary school in order to keep our busy little diggers from unearthing the foundation; they also replaced the existing material in the sandbox with real sand Ė another welcome addition!

The estimated cost for this project would have been $3,500.00.

The Dolores Elementary PTA would like to thank Casey McClellan/McStone Aggregates, Danielís Concrete, and Alpine Mobile Creek for their very generous donation!