Regional Briefs

What sport do you know of that involves both horses and guns? It’s called cowboy mounted shooting and it seems to be a fast-growing sport among equestrians, cowboys and cowgirls. In it, the rider of the horse carries two .45 caliber single action revolvers that are loaded with five rounds of blanks. They ride their horse through a course, as fast as they can, and shoot inflated balloons with their pistols. They are judged on their time and whether or not they succeed in shooting all 10 balloons on the course.

Mancos Times

Mancos, Colorado

Dolores County Commissioner Ernie Williams has retained his position of commissioner, beating Rodney Johnson 714 to 442. Commissioner Doug Stowe’s seat was uncontested. Dolores County Judge Dale Boyd received overwhelming support, with 837 votes for him to retain his position to 263 opposed. Results on District Judge Todd Plewe were undecided at press time. Dolores County did not agree with the nation, as Mitt Romney got 51 percent. Voters here were also against Amendment 64, with 54.9 percent locally against the proposal. Voters here agreed with Representative Scott Tipton.

Dove Creek Press

Dove Creek, Colorado

The Ouray Ice Park installed a new climbing feature on Saturday, Nov. 3. The feature will increase the level of challenge Ouray can offer ice climbing competitors. A crane was brought in from Montrose to lift the 3,600-pound struction. Brad McMillon worked to safely install the overhanging feature at the top of “Dizzy with Vision”, a climbing route established by Jeff Lowe in the early years of the Ouray Ice Festival. The overhang will significantly increase the level of challenge Ouray can offer ice climbing competitors. The new feature has an adjustable degree of inclination to allow park employees to increase or decrease difficulty as desired.

Ouray County Plaindealer

Ouray, Colorado

While area residents have enjoyed the spectacular fall weather in October, the addition of another dryer than normal month is adding to fears of drought. With area reservoirs at low levels and ground water dropping, the need for a wet winter is becoming increasingly obvious. Precipitation for the month of October was about one third of normal levels in area communities, with temperatures just slightly higher than normal.

San Juan Record

San Juan County, Utah

Since 2001, the Blanding community has lost four young men to combat deaths; a Marine, a Special Forces Soldier, a National Guardsman and a Navy Seal.

Town officials are working on plans for an area memorial honoring area veterans.

San Juan Record

San Juan County, Utah