Cold, snow hit Dolores over the weekend

We saw our first snow of the winter over the weekend in Dolores and as if on cue, the cyclocross race was in town as well. It happened last year too. Snow greeted these racers at Joe Rowell Park. This year was no different, but these racers seem to eat up the mud, cold and snow. This is what they race for, I am told by some of the growing sport’s biggest fans.

On Monday it was cold, in some areas it dropped as low as 9 degrees. It the morning, it was so cold, the elementary schools wouldn’t let the children play during morning recess. Brrr. What a transition from 60-degree plus temperatures last week.


Also over the weekend was the annual ski swap. Organizers said it was a great event this year and brought out many community members, all excited about the upcoming ski season.


I have been a bit under the weather as of late, but happy to report that I am getting better, phew.


Dolores students got a special Thanksgiving Dinner treat at the cafeteria on Thursday as Food Service Director Chuck Soukup served up turkey and all the fixings. Parents were invited as well and it was delicious.


On Monday, the Dolores High School and Middle School Band Director Beverly Hall directed the Dolores Veterans Program. This year was not different that years prior and it was amazing. Everyone should attend this special program. Hall pours her heart and soul into this program and does an outstanding job honoring our veterans. If you haven’t been, be sure to attend next year and remember to bring some Kleenex, the experience is moving, one you won’t forget.

Deanna Truelsen was so pleased by the program this year too. She was impressed with the band’s rendition of “Light Eternal”, a song written to honor the four chaplains who gave their lives to save others on the USAT Dorchester on Feb. 3, 1943, during WW II.

“I know professional bands that wouldn’t have played that song as good as our band did,” Truelsen said of the band students.

Job well done Hall!



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