Four Seasons opens up for winter farmers market

Everyone enjoys fresh produce at the summer farmers markets, but it’s been difficult to find locally grown, fresh produce, eggs, and other goodies during the winter months. But that’s about to change.

The Farmers Market at Four Seasons begins on November 10th and will be held every Saturday morning from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. through March at the garden center.

Four Seasons owner, Vic Vanik, said, “It’s an excellent opportunity for growers in our area who have produce and other farm based products to showcase and sell them during the winter months. We’re hoping that the Market will also serve as a gathering place for people to come and visit on Saturday mornings.”

He continued, “What better place to spend some time on a cold, snowy winter morning than the warmth of a tropical greenhouse?”

“We’ve been kicking around the idea for a while, and finally decided that the timing was right with all of the interest in locally grown food and buying not only locally, but also healthy food.”

“For us, it’s become a personal journey. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol last Fall. Although we had been growing the sunflower greens for a couple of years, that’s when I got serious about playing with other food crops indoors in the greenhouse during the winter months, so we grew some lettuce and tomatoes last winter. Through a drastic change in diet and some other lifestyle changes, including incorporating a great deal of fresh vegetables, I was able to lower it enough to avoid medication,” Vanik said. “So for us, it’s become a cause near and dear to my heart. The Farmers Market was the next logical step and a way to help support others in the community at the same time.”

“So many people have become conscious of where their food is grown and produced, that keeping it local has become a big focus for us. We’re certified as an Organic Grower by the State of Colorado and many of the people participating in the market are also growing their products naturally. This is a way to know exactly how your food is grown and where it comes from,” Vanik said. “It’s important to us to support the agricultural businesses in our community by providing this venue and we see this as a way to bring it all together during a season when there typically isn’t much growing going on.”

Booth space is sold out for the November and December months. Some of the vendors offerings include fresh coffee and breads by the Perimans, pastries from Mr. Happy’s, apples from Gerry Goodall, herbals and dried arrangments from Fawn Curtis, fresh lamb from Cindy Dvergsten, produce and flowers from Ben Black, fresh pork from Cecelia Burto, onions from Sam Dunning, eggs and poultry from Mary Beth Gentry, and more, including craft items from Melody Nail and Joy Steffan. If you are looking to have lunch Monica will be offering wood fired pizza and Jodi Jones will have panninis. Donna Boyd will be offering massages to smooth away the stresses of a busy work week. And of course, there will be a variety of fresh, locally grown produce from Kim Lindgren and Four Seasons.

“Once our Christmas shop comes down in January, we’ll have even more room,” said Vanik. “We already have a waiting list for some of those spots.”

For more information on the Farmers Market at Four Seasons, please call the garden center at 565-8274.