You 5,106 people are the stupid ones


Let me get this straight. You people voted to build a school that hasnít been designed, no plans or blueprints, no mechanical or site preparation figured yet in monetary terms, and those of us who voted against it are the stupid ones? No architect will be picked till the spring, so that pretty well says it all. How can you figure how much this boondoggle will cost if you donít even know how much per square foot it will cost and with no design or blueprints you canít possibly know that cost.

With all the new EPA regulations going into effect with Obamaclaus back in office, that will make energy more costly meaning, every product used will be more costly, not to mention the energy used to build this thing. Once again I ask, whoís stupid? I suggest you go to any lending organization and try to borrow money to build a house or business without a cost already figured using the standard methods and see how far you get.

One good thing going for us conservatives is 30 states are now controlled by Republicans as well as the majority of the state legislatures. Letís see next time if we can get that happy result in this state and locally. Just thought Iíd add that little tidbit to give hope to other conservatives.

Catherine Spencer


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