Regional Briefs

There was a crowd of onlookers at the Mancos Town Board meeting last Wednesday evening. The board of trustees acted on a text amendment to the land use code to permit “repair services, general and auto repair garage” in the highway business district on the north side of the highway between Beech and Willow Streets. Trustee Perry D. Lewis wanted to know when the LUC had been changed to have the restrictions. He thought they were too restrictive for businesses to come to Mancos.

Mancos Times

Mancos, Colorado

Dolores County Sheriff Jerry Martin campaigned long and hard against marijuana at the Dove Creek Town Board meeting Nov. 15. He said that passage of Amendment 64 was a “horrendous blow to the state.” He called marijuana a “gateway drug” and said that there has been a lot of interest among teenagers in marijuana lately. He said he believes that youngsters are getting marijuana from parents who have prescriptions to medical marijuana and are careless with it. He told Town Board members that marijuana isn’t like alcohol when the drinker can drink one beer and then decide whether or not he wants another. With marijuana one joint may put the user in la-la land because of higher levels of THC. “There’s no moderation of the intoxication level,” he said.

Dove Creek Press

Dove Creek, Colorado

A mountain lion was killed after Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials discovered it had killed three goats. Ridgway resident Janet Smith arrived at her goat’s pasture near the Ouray KOA on Veterans’ Day, she immediately knew something was wrong. Her goats, who are usually spread out, were standing in the middle of the pasture, bunched together. Smith did a quick head count and discovered one of her goats was missing. Two others were killed the following nights.

Ouray County Plaindealer

Ouray, Colorado

An arson fire at San Juan High School in Blanding caused extensive damage to the high school library during the early morning hours of Saturday, Nov. 17. School was canceled on Nov. 19 and 20 as crews scrambled to assess the damage and begin the clean up process.

Two suspects from Blanding have been arrested in connection with the fire and a series of break-ins at Blanding-area schools. Deven W. White, 19, and Christopher Stolzer, 22, both face five counts of third-degree felony burglary and two counts of second-degree felony arson.

The firewalls in the school, including masonry walls that extend to the top of the ceiling, kept the flames contained to the relatively small area of the library. Officials expressed relief that such a massive fire in the core of the building was contained to the library.

San Juan Record

San Juan County, Utah