Thanks for making Kemper Karnival a huge success

Kemper Elementary would like to thank everyone who helped make our first quarter and Karnival a huge success: Church of Christ, for snacks, supplies, use of church and “Burgers & Business”; Marcia Boone, for supplies; Pat and Larry Tevault, for boxes of Kleenex and supplies; Kiwanis of Mesa Verde, for school supplies for 1st grade teachers; Gary Gnas, for laptop and case; St. Barnabas Church of Christ, for supplies; Bev Ertel, for Listening Center for Kindergarten; Mrs. Burk, for supplies; Pat Morris, for school supplies and puzzles; Walmart, for picture frames and pictures; MCLIKT — everyone who contributed; IFA Country Store, for ten straw bales for hay ride; Linda and Jeff Roedell, for 30 atomic clocks; Marie Rogers-Patrick and Daniel Patrick, for chili, bottled water, and driving the hay ride for the Karnival; Della and Chrissy Gray, for making all the chili and serving during the Karnival; Pepsi, for soda to sell; Jody Payne and Monic Alvarez, for face painting at the Karnival; Joe Keleher, for handing out fish all night; Jeff Yarbrough, Kelly Cougar for Karnival; and all Kemper staff, students and parents for all your hard work and dedication.