God’s grace goes deeper than sin can ever dive


I had no doubt that my recent response concerning Leigh Waggonerís tolerance for homosexuality would be criticized. After submitting my comments I feared something worse ó that nothing of the grace of Christ would be understood. Jesus had a zero tolerance policy for any infraction of Godís moral Law. But he also communicated that faith and repentance garners the forgiveness of a God whose grace goes deeper than any personís sin can ever dive. Just as Godís judgment is not prejudiced against any type of sin, neither is his grace withheld from the same when we humble ourselves, acknowledge our sin and plead upon His grace. The power of that grace was demonstrated in the horrific death Christ endured on the cross to pay the debt we owe to God. That is what I failed to communicate in my response.

By the way, the Bible has faced over 200 years of severe criticism and has faced every challenge thrown its way. That explains why it is still the most powerful book ever written. But of course, if it is divinely inspired, that is the real explanation. I rest the strongest case on the fact that it has transformed countless lives for nearly 2,000 years.

Scott Christensen


Summit Lake

Community Church

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