Peace and gratitude in our hearts

This holiday season, we can be thankful for our blessings, for our independence, and for our safe­ty... for our family, our friends, and our health.

This time of year was always a warm, relaxing, aroma-filled time at my house when I was growing up. There weren’t any extra people at our house. It was just me, my brothers and my parents. But we had the huge turkey, the dressing, the homemade cranber­ry sauce, the green beans, the pumpkin, mincemeat and pecan pies, and the whipped cream to top the pies with. The afternoon sunshine streamed in through the dining room windows, holiday music played on the radio, and we all waited on my dad to carve the turkey. We said a prayer for those who were not there, and asked a blessing on those who we didn’t know.

Many folks in this country have their holiday traditions, but there are others who have no holiday, nor any traditions. I try to keep in mind those who are homeless, jobless, or without family around to make their holiday memorable. It isn’t a happy time for many, and that’s when I can make a differ­ence by volunteering, donating, or helping out in some small way, by reaching out to those who need help.

I will be spending this holiday with my daughter (and my grand­dogs!), who has assured me that she will do all the cooking! Whatever the case, it will be good to spend it with her and to know that she is safe. I will more than likely be on the phone with the rest of my family who is in another as well. My gratitude knows no bounds as I think of the many blessings I have. Family. Love. Togetherness. Home.

This holiday - whether you are spending it with family, friends, loved ones, or alone - I hope that it is a good one, and that you remember those who are not with you. Make it a peaceful, hope-­filled holiday.

Jeanne Archambeault

Mancos Times editor