A good year!

As I was cleaning up the library on Sunday evening after our Fall Open House, I had time to reflect on how wonderful it has been to serve the community as the Director of the Mancos Public Library over the last year. Ive had the chance to meet some great people and share some fun times, and my family and I are proud to call Mancos home. Now, as we approach Thanksgiving, Id like to say thank you to all of the community members and organizations that have been vital to our success this year.

To all of you, the community members, who have attended and supported the librarys fundraising events or given your time, money and items to help the library maintain collections and services. Thank you!

To all of the business owners and individuals who gave their time, money and skills to ensure the success of the many fundraisers we had in 2012 the Follies, R. Carlos Nakai, our Fall Open House the outpouring of generosity from the community has been a blessing and made these fundraisers the successes they were. Thank you!

To our ever diligent Friends of the Library, who constantly work throughout the year to raise money to support the library by hosting bake sales, plant sales, book sales and whose members are always willing to volunteer for any event the library needs help with. Thank you!

To our Board of Trustees, who volunteer their time, guidance and expertise to ensure that the library is successful. Thank you!

On a final note, Id like to give a special thanks to Terry & Cindy Schupp for purchasing a new flagpole and American flag (which, thanks to the efforts of Fred Schroeder and last years fourth grade class, was flown over the White House on July 4), an item that was on my wish list from last year. With the help of many community members Wayne McGrew, Stan w/ Four Corners Crane, and especially Jim & Kathy Merrill we are now proud to be able to fly the American flag at the library. Thank you all for helping make this happen!