4-H celebrates 2012 achievements

Outstanding Junior Member, left, Tel Hamilton; Outstanding Senior Members, Sarah Baker and Tyler Weir. Enlargephoto

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Outstanding Junior Member, left, Tel Hamilton; Outstanding Senior Members, Sarah Baker and Tyler Weir.

2012 marks the 110-year anniversary of 4-H nationwide. 4-H members ages 8-18 develop positive life skills through club and project work, events and activities, and through community service projects with the help of adult volunteers and community supporters. On October 13, the Montezuma County 4-H members held their annual Achievement Program that recognized members, adult volunteers, and area supporters for their contributions to the 4-H program. Individuals recognized at this annual event are as follows:



Alpaca 4-H Christmas Bazaar — Demonstrated weaving; AG Adventures at the AG Expo — demonstrated all steps of fiber use from shearing, cleaning, carding, to spinning, felting and weaving.

Battle Rock — Adopt a family Thanksgiving meal; coat/food drive; nursing home visits; Rodeo clean-up; pop tab collections.

Barnyard Critters — Angel tree and turkeys for Christmas at the Community Dinner; Thanksgiving turkeys for Community Dinner; Animal Shelter; pajamas for shelter, helped with Crites benefit, water and Gatorade for firefighters.

Bunnies & More — Collected yogurt lids for breast cancer; collected and donated food for a needy family, Giving Tree — gave gifts, made and gave Christmas cards to Valley Inn residents; donated animal food to the animal shelter; made and gave valentines to Valley Inn residents; helped with Dr. Seuss Day at Mancos School — cakes, cupcakes and decorations; town Easter egg hunt — donated prizes and hid eggs; made flowers and decorated cemetery; cleaned Boyle Park; donated money to fire department after fire; pickle and jalapeño eating contest at Montezuma County Fair; collected pop tabs all year long.

Kalvin’s Kids — Made cookies for Pleasant View Fire Department blood drives; made Christmas decorations for homeless shelter; made and sent cards for servicemen; made cookies for Pleasant View Fire Department; goodie boxes taken to elderly residents of Pleasant View; helped Farmers Telephone serve and clean up after Pleasant View Community Picnic; placed flags on veterans’ graves for Memorial Day; donated items for silent auction at Montezuma County Fair; donated two baskets for livestock auction.

Round Up — Adopted a family and provided a complete Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings; adopted a family for Christmas and provided and wrapped presents for every family member; collected canned food for the Good Samaritan Center; provided donations and helped bus tables at two fundraising dinners; made Easter cards to be distributed to residents at Vista Grande Nursing Home; hosted Southern Exposure Jackpot; hosted the Adult Swine Showmanship contest at the fair; hosted the mud volleyball tournament at the fair.

Rustlers — Made Thanksgiving baskets; gifts for Angel tree; played games with nursing home residents; valentines for nursing home residents; helped at AG Expo; donated to Heart to Heart; helped at Cedar Grove Cemetery (May and June); made decorations at Treehouse daycare; helped at Montezuma County Fair.

South 4D — Parked cars at the Home & Garden Show; helped run a booth for the Home & Garden Show; helped with a booth for fundraiser for Shooting Sports; burned goat horns as a service; sold concessions at the fair; sponsored a water balloon toss at the fair.

Wranglers — TETWP; raised money to help women receive free mammograms; silent auction at fair to help Graf family.

Cloverbud Graduates: Kennadee Anderson, Brianna Comisky, Yesenia Garcia, Faith Gates, Victoria Glazner, Talon Johnson, Allie Kibel, Duncan Martin, Tearah Philpott, Nizhoni Sam.

Go Getter Club Certificates: Alpaca 4-H Club, Barnyard Critters 4-H Club, Battle Rock 4-H Club, Bunnies & More 4-H Club, Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Kalvin’s Kids 4-H Club, South 4D 4-H Club, Wranglers 4-H Club.


Most Progressive Club: Kalvin’s Kids; Geralding Penasa Horse Memorial: Jasper Breitenbach; Myra Dees Perserverance Memorial Award: Brenna Leonard, Clarissa Dukeminier; Animal Record Book Awards: Alpaca, Tessa Butler; Beef, Maniesha Buck; Dog, Nolan King; Goat, Sarah McDonald; Horse, Erin Ryan; Poultry, Stetson Scott; Rabbit, Matthew Kane; Sheep, Raena Conklin; Swine, Vincent Conklin; Multiple Species, Keandra Elliott.

Treasurer’s Book Award: Cassandra Lard; Secretary’s Book Award: Abriana Conklin, Kalvin’s Kids; Club Window Display Award: 1st Place Barnyard Critters, 2nd Place Alpaca; Club Achievement plaque: Kalvin’s Kids; Family & Consumer Science & General Projects Award: KaeLynn Graf; Tommy Hager/Connie Horton Member Recognition: Barnyard Critters, Cody McKinney; Battle Rock, Lily Eddy; Bunnies & More, Jessalyn Bay-Voit; Kalvin’s Kids, Wiley Kirks; Round Up, Grace Higley; Rustlers, Justin Burton; South 4D, Brenn Jeter. Tommy Hager/Connie Horton Memorial Club Recognition: Kalvin’s Kids; 100 Percent Club Completion Certificates: Kalvin’s Kids, Bunnies & More, Rustlers, Barnyard Critters, Round Up, South 4D; 95 Percent Club Completion Certificate: Alpaca; 94 Percent Club Completion Certificate: Battle Rock; 77 Percent Club Completion: Wranglers; 70 Percent Club Completion: Hoofbeats

Junior Leader Pins

Barnyard Critters — Logan Hindmarsh, Jesse Hager, Krystle Hager

Battle Rock — James Hackett, Xavier Eddy, Savanah Wright, Lily Eddy, Madison Mahaffey, Emily Martin, Cassidy King

Bunnies & More — Tamaria Zeutzius

Hoofbeats — Erin Ryan, Olivia Winter

Kalvin’s Kids — Elijah Winkles, Landan Wilson, Cheyenne Mortensen, Melissa McKinney, Raena Conklin, Ryan Daves, Wiley Kirks

Rustlers — Emily Graf, KaeLynn Graf

Round Up — Tyler Weir, Kyle Cox, Sarah Baker, Stetson Hamilton, Nichole Kibel

South 4D — Brenn Jeter, Kendall Colcord

Wranglers — TaeLynn Comisky, Taylor Comisky, Reilly Birch, Chance Comisky, Logan Birch, Andrea Wark, Brien Wark, Kaitlin Whited, Leigha Comisky, Cassie Finley, Rylee Finley, Whitney Finley, Chantell Ford, Kody Gregory, Dylan Long, Jordan Comisky

First Year Leader Pins — Barbara Headley, Bill Gilbert, Carrie Comisky, Eddie Comisky, Heather Nielson, Karen Sobetzer, Marla Sitton, Michelle Morris, Susan Noble, Tania Isaman, Tanya Brown, Thomas Comisky, Travis Imel

Five Year Leader Pin — Rusty Hamilton

Ten Year Leader Pin — Roger Borgen

First Year Member Pins — Aaron Hackett, Aaron McClain, Alden Adams, Ashley Hurst, Audrey McManus, Aurora McClure, Baylee Littlefield, Baylee Rollins, Benjamin Lewis, Brianna VanRope, Broc Imel, Bryan Lewis, Cael Schmittel, Chace Philpott, Clarissa Dukeminier, Colten Gallegos, Colton Gray, Colton Mikkelson, Cooper McClain, Dallin Lanier, David Schmittel, Duncan Martin, Elijah Winkles, Elise Butler, Grace Higley, Gray Stecher, Jake Oliver, Jasper Breitenbach, Jolie Brisbin, Kelsi Rollins, Kennadee Anderson, Lacy Zornacki, Macaela Martinez, McKenzie Lukas, Nanabah Sam, Nizhoni Sam, Olivia Winter, Rayanne McClure, Renae Zwicker, Riley Brown, Rylan Isaman, Sheldon Whitmer, Tayonna Gallegos, Tearah Philpott, Teslin Stecher, Tessa Butler, Travis Brown, Tyson Mikkelson, Yesenia Garcia, Zane Willburn.

Five Year Member Pins — Cassidy King, Cassie Finley, Dalton Janz, Dylan Long, Emma Reim, Hayden Kocourek, Hunter Kocourek, Jennifer Sturman, Jessalyn Bay-Voit, Kaeleen Boggs, Kate Treinen, Kayla Hageman, Lily Eddy, Lyle Littlefield, Mathew Kane, Raegan Littlefield, Rylee Lindsley, Tel Hamilton, Tyler Hageman, Woodrow Gray

Eight Year Member Pins — Ahanabah Finley, Arvola Gray, Ashley Lingo, Brandi Borgen, Brenna Leonard, Chance Lambert, Kearra Boggs, Kyle Cox, Melissa McKinney, Sammi Fish, Ty Koppenhafer, Tyler Weir, Emily Graf

Nine Year Member Pins — Cassandra Lard, Logan Hindmarsh, Nolan King, Tamaria Zeutzius, Nickelle Oliver, Ryan Daves

Ten Year Member Pins — Cassandra Lard, Logan Hindmarsh, Nolan King, Tamaria Zeutzius, Nickelle Oliver, Ryan Daves

Eleven Year Member Pins — Jaycee Gallaher, Jesse Hager, John Dees, Cheyenne Mortensen, Raena Conklin, Rachel Dees

Friends of 4-H — Darrell Dennison, Janey Schurr, Cheryl Young

Outstanding Leaders — Kathy Graf, Susan Noble

Outstanding Junior Members — Cassidy King, Tel Hamilton

Outstanding Senior Members — Tyler Weir, Sarah Baker

Montezuma County Fair Table Display — 1st Place, Round Up 4-H Club; 2nd Place, Barnyard Critters 4-H Club; 3rd Place, Alpaca 4-H Club

Concessions Team Award — Alpaca 4-H Club

Friends of 4-H, from left, Cheryl Young, Darrell Dennison, and Janey Schurr. Enlargephoto

Courtesy Photo

Friends of 4-H, from left, Cheryl Young, Darrell Dennison, and Janey Schurr.

Outstanding Junior Member Cassidy King; not pictured is Tel Hamilton. Enlargephoto

Courtesy Photo

Outstanding Junior Member Cassidy King; not pictured is Tel Hamilton.

Kathy Graf, Outstanding Leader 2012 is shown; not pictured is Susan Noble. Enlargephoto

Courtesy Photo

Kathy Graf, Outstanding Leader 2012 is shown; not pictured is Susan Noble.